Yoga Workshop

Yoga for back pain

Saturday 28th October 2017 2:00pm – 5:00pm $60

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Indistinct back pain plagues most people at some stage in their lives. Causes are many and varied and include but not limited to: poor posture, scoliosis, repetitive movements, muscular imbalances, constant seated position or sedentary lifestyle, as well as age and gravity.

The practice of Yoga postures, especially the standing, have a direct effect on the body’s musculoskeletal system creating a strong yet supple body. As a result posture improves, weak muscles are strengthened and  tight ones are relieved of tension creating balance from one side of the body to the other. It also is very effective at reversing the effects of gravity and in doing so creates space in the joints directly relieving pressure and discomfort.

The programme will focus on poses that relieve back pain. These include the standing poses, seated twists and inversions. If done regularly they most likely will make the back pain free permanently. NOTE this workshop is not suitable for people with back pain as a result of more serious conditions such as herniated discs. In these instances a therapeutic programme needs to be followed. If unsure please contact Tracy to discuss.

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